I often present research at industry and academic conferences. Here are some recent presentations. For a full list of presentations, see my CV.

EMAR: Designing a Social Robot to Assess Teen Stress Using a Human-Centered Approach

With Elin Björling, presented at DUB: Design | Use | Build, University of Washington. August 10, 2016.

Looking for trouble: Gathering design inspiration from life’s difficulties

Presented Feb 2014, at the Human Centered Design & Engineering UX Speaker Series.

Life is full of difficulties and challenges, both large and small. As UX professionals, we are equipped to seek out and interrogate these challenges as a source of inspiration for design opportunities. Focusing on the idea of resource-constraints, Emma will share a variety of examples that show how creative and sometimes prohibited actions can reveal ways in which systems can be improved or re-imagined. She will share details about the contextual and participatory research methods she uses that are especially helpful to investigate the challenges of daily life.

Video and overview