Rhetorical strategies of user experience practitioners

Understanding how user experience designers and researchers make rhetorical arguments for design decisions with various stakeholders within their organization.

Mindmap showing a taxonomy of 5 rhetorical strategies used by UX practitioners. They are: Research & Data, Design, Credibility & Experts, Organizational Memory, and Compromise & Communication

Mindmap showing a taxonomy of rhetorical strategies used by UX practitioners

EMAR (Ecological Momentary Assessment Robot)

The design of a social robot for teens to help schools and communities better understand teen stress.  EMAR website

EMAR the robot surrounded by his team of creators, three women smiling.

Our EMAR team: Kristine Kohlhepp, Emma Rose, & Elin Bjorling.

Participatory video methods

Using video to better understand people’s experience of everyday life in order to design better products, services, and experiences.

Image of a teen wearing a baseball hat, looking directly into a video camera

Still from a participatory reflection video